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2009 NOJOE Foundation CIRCUS supports CURE

The 2nd Annual NOJOE Foundation Charity Circus was held in Dallas, GA on November 21, 2009 and was a tremendous success.  Over $1,000 was raised to support CURE Childhood Cancer.

Performers came from all across the southeastern U.S. and donated their time and talents for the show.  “We are truly overwhelmed that the community and performers have supported this show so amazingly. We sold out the show,” said Joey Thurmond owner of NOJOE’S Clown Circus.

The show featured Joe M. Turner magician, guest Ringmaster, The Georgia BubbleMan Robin Booth, The Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Team, and a cast of clowns including RJ, Lovey, Lucky, Poke-A-Dot Patti, & Lew-E.  Miss Jamie performed an act from the Polynesian Islands called Poi.  Toot the daredevil clown performed wire walking, and juggling.  The star of the show, NOJOE, performed great new routines and his amazing balancing act that included bicycles, and a 12” step ladder.

The show ended with a finale of confetti showers over the audience. After the show the children were invited to take pictures and get autographs with their favorite stars of the show.

On Friday December 4th a check was presented to CURE Childhood Cancer. Plans are already underway for next year’s NOJOE Foundation Circus.

CURE would like to thank Joey Thurmond, President of NOJOE’S CLOWN CIRCUS, for his continued support of CURE!


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Cup of Joy Women’s Ministry’s Remarkable Devotion to CURE

CURE Childhood Cancer is dedicating the month of November to highlight people, organizations and other things for which we are thankful.  So many contribute to the wonderful work of our organization, and we are thrilled and honored to share some of them with you.

One group which has been a blessing to CURE is Cup of Joy, a women’s ministry located in Roswell, Georgia.  Cup of Joy is generously hosting our holiday party for the second year in a row, doing all the work to provide fun and fellowship for the families we serve.  This year, the holiday party will be held at Cup of Joy Founder Dorothy Bowen’s home and promises a wonderful experience for all. The home is transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with Santa, dozens of themed Christmas trees, a life-size gingerbread house, and decorations throughout. Families will be greeted warmly by the many volunteers who help with the event.

In addition to the holiday party, Cup of Joy’s generous members have become dedicated volunteers, helping with “Good Grief” lunches, where CURE provides lunch and an opportunity for nurses and front line caregivers to gather and focus on processing their own grief.  Cup of Joy volunteers also help regularly with “Open Arms,” where CURE serves dinner to hospitalized children and their families.

We are so thankful for Cup of Joy and all of the wonderful women who participate. Their devotion to CURE and the families we serve is truly remarkable.

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Joanna Lummus Honors a Friend on her 10th Birthday

CURE Childhood Cancer loves to hear stories of generous children who give all they have to help a friend, a family member, or even someone they don’t know who is going through the hardships of battling cancer.  We are so proud of these children that we want to share their stories with you.

Joanna Lummus may only be 10 years old, but she’s got a huge heart filled with love, and a desire to help others.

On October 3, Joanna turned 10 years old but many would say she is far wiser than just 10 years. Her family has been neighbors of the Street family for about 9 years, and their son Cam has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma since July 2006.

Joanna really admires Cam’s bravery and “stick-to-it-ness,” so much so that she decided to turn her birthday this year into a special way to honor her friend and help fund a CURE for childhood cancer. Instead of receiving birthday presents, she asked her party guests to make a donation to CURE Childhood Cancer in Cam’s honor.

Joanna hosted about 15 girls at a roller skating costume party at the gym at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. The girls played games and skated to music in their costumes. Joanna decorated a shoebox with pictures of children and asked all her friends to place their donations inside. Joanna collected over $180.00 in honor of Cam Street to help find a CURE for childhood cancer!

CURE and the Street family are so very proud of Joanna and want to wish her a very happy birthday!

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Thankful Thursday: Thankful for Our Generous and Compassionate Children

CURE Childhood Cancer has decided to use Thursdays in the month of November to share with you what we are thankful for. Today we are thankful for the generous and compassionate children who constantly give to help other families they don’t even know. We wanted to share the story of one of these bighearted children with you.

Chappell and her friends at her Birthday party

Chappell and her friends at her Birthday party

Chappell Myers lives in Marietta, GA and turned 9 years old on Sept. 27. A few weeks prior to her birthday, she shocked her mom by saying she did not want gifts but would rather everyone donate to a charity. After spending some time talking to her daughter, her mom realized she was serious. Chappell said, “Mom, I have so much already, and do not need anything. I want to help someone else who is not as blessed as I am.”

While searching the Internet, Chappell and her mom came across the CURE website and saw that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Chappell decided she wanted her friends to give to CURE in order to give children who are sick HOPE that someday there would be a cure for cancer. Chappell asked her friends to please give a gift from their heart to CURE so they could all help in this prayer for HOPE that one day childhood cancer will be cured. Although she had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends at Young Chefs Academy, more important to Chappell was the gift to CURE in honor of her birthday.

CURE was extremely honored to receive $365.00 from the friends of a very special little girl who cares about others and wants the best for each of them. We wish her many more happy birthdays!


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