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Catie’s Story – The Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund

Learn more about The Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund and how this awesome little girl changes our lives. 

About Catie

Catie Wilkins was the firstborn child of Tre’ and Jenny Wilkins.  A slight gross motor delay led to an eventual diagnosis of medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, on her first birthday.  Catie and her family were plunged into a world of doctors and surgeries and chemotherapies and medicines with little warning. 

Catie’s treatments included 12 surgeries, 4 different chemotherapy protocols and 6 weeks of radiation.  Her tumor continued to persist and eventually grow even through very harsh treatments.  She battled cancer for 3 years and 4 months before succumbing to a common virus due to an immune system that was compromised because of chemotherapy.

Catie battled cancer for most of her life, but more importantly, she lived FULL for her entire life.   Often people who hear that she fought this wretched disease for all but her first year feel that she must have had a rough existence.  Folks who think this did not know Catie.  She crammed a whole lot of living and fun and laughter into her all too short 4 years and nearly 4 months.

Catie was funny and tough, loving and mischievous.  She was quick to tease her daddy and you should have heard her laugh when she pulled something off on him.  Her favorite place on earth was the beach where she loved to catch hermit crabs and play in the sand.  She was an animal lover, with dogs and tree frogs topping her list of favorites. 

It’s impossible to capture the essence of Catie in just a few words.  She was, in some ways, just a normal kid.  But she was an old soul with a wisdom beyond her years.  Those who knew and loved Catie were forever changed by the enormity of her spirit and determination to live FULL in spite of what life threw at her.

Purpose of the Fund

The primary purpose of the Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund is to fund clinical research.  Research will include evaluating and treating the side effects (both acute and late effects) of treatment for childhood cancers, as well other research that CURE is supporting for more effective and less toxic treatments for childhood cancers.  

About Childhood Cancer 

Childhood cancer remains the number 1 disease killer of children, taking the lives of more children than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies, and AIDS combined.  Research has improved survival rates.  Still more than 3,000 children die each year of cancer, and until a cure is found for all there is still work to be done.   Additionally, many survivors of pediatric cancers live with lifelong side effects from the treatments they received to survive.  The severity of late effects of treatment varies, but problems include (but are not limited to) decreased cognitive function, infertility, endocrine problems, growth abnormalities, hearing loss (moderate or severe), renal dysfunction, heart problems, and secondary malignancies.  Simply surviving is not enough.  More research is needed so that survivors of childhood cancers can not only live, but live well.  The Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund was established to support these research efforts.

To Donate to The Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund 

Click here and this will take you to the CURE Childhood Cancer website.  Simply Click give at the bottom of the page and type “Catie Wilkins Fund” in the comments section.  Your gift will be directed accordingly.  Checks can be  made out to CURE Childhood Cancer, with “Catie Wilkins Fund” written on the notes line. 

Mail checks to: 

CURE Childhood Cancer

1835 Savoy Drive, Suite 102

Atlanta, GA 30341


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Host an Elf This Holiday Season

catiewithelf2Elves from Catie is dedicated to brightening the holiday for children with cancer by providing  elves and books to the children in pediatric hospitals, while at the same time donating $5 to find a CURE for childhood cancer. What a great way to spread the joy of Christmas!

Catie loved to HOSTanELF at Christmas because it brought the magic from the North Pole right to her very own home. Catie was diagnosed with brain cancer on her first birthday but sadly lost her battle at the age of 4. Elves from Catie was created in memory of Catie so the joy she shared with her elf can be given to other children battling cancer.
“Please order an Elf from Catie and join us in spreading the joy of Christmas, and funding the best gift of all: a cure for all kids with cancer.” Tre and Jenny Wilkins (Catie’s parents).

Click here to purchase an “Elf from Catie” to send to children hospitalized for cancer treatment or for your own child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend for only $5.

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