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Daniel Henninger Donates Photography to CURE

Our new Board of Directors and Staff photos are now up on our website!  Connect with the people who make CURE Childhood Cancer the wonderful organization it is.  Check out each board and staff member’s photo, short bio, and comments on why they became a part of CURE.

CURE would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Daniel Henninger, who so generously donated his services for the Board of Directors and Staff photography.

Daniel owns and operates a commercial photography business in metro Atlanta.  With over 30 years of experience, he brings diverse skills and creative concepts to all projects and strives to always deliver the very best.

Thank you Daniel for donating your photography skills to CURE Childhood Cancer!

Check out our new Board of Directors photos and Staff photos.

Visit to check out more of Daniel’s work.


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BOD Spotlight: Ellen Yates

CURE Childhood Cancer is proud to introduce one of our newest additions to the Board of Directors –Ellen Yates.  Ellen is the mother of a long time cancer survivor and has been giving back to the community through her weekly volunteer work at Egleston and in many other ways for nearly 20 years.

Below Ellen shares a few insights into what led her to become further involved with CURE Childhood Cancer.

“As a Mom of a cancer survivor and a current volunteer in the AFLAC Cancer Center at Egleston Campus, I think about the kids I play with and our own son’s health quite often. I hope to spread the word about how we must take steps NOW to CURE this awful disease. We are so fortunate to be associated with a top-notch research and treatment facility, but we, as lay people, must be actively vigilant about spreading the word about how funds are needed.”

Welcome to the CURE team, Ellen!

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Board of Directors Spotlight: Brian Sorrell

CURE Childhood Cancer is proud to introduce you to one of our newest additions to the Board of Directors –Brian Sorrell.  Brian works for Asbury Automotive Group, Inc., and we are so excited to have him on our team.

Below Brian shares a few insights into what led him to become further involved with CURE Childhood Cancer.

“The Sorrell family was introduced to childhood cancer when our 3-year old daughter, Kristen was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in March of 2007. What at first was devastating quickly became triumphant. Kristen and her team of doctors and nurses handled her 2 plus years of treatment with such grace and faithfulness. She walked away from her last chemotherapy pill June 28th, 2009 and has not looked back. She is doing beautifully in her first grade class and continues to remind us all of the great work CURE does. To give back is only part of our passion for joining the CURE board, the other and more important passion is that while Kristen did so great and is cured, sadly many others are not. On our first day in the hospital with Kristen that March almost 3 years ago, there were 13 beds full of children battling some form of cancer and within 1 year, we had lost 6 of them. We must and will pay it forward until there is a time, with CURE’s help, that “6” becomes zero, so we are truly honored and excited to have this opportunity.”

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BOD Spotlight: Gary Andriate

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to have a diverse and well-connected Board of Directors and we would like our community to get to know them. In this spotlight series we will highlight a board member and share why they are dedicated to CURE.

Gary Andriate is a member of CURE’s Board of Directors and he is also the CFO of Volume Transportation.

Below Gary shares why he decided to get involved with CURE:

“My son, Joe, is a childhood cancer survivor. I joined the CURE board so that I could repay some of the kindness my family received throughout his ordeal. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic group whose mission is to defeat this dreaded disease.”

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BOD Spotlight: Scott Masterson

UnknownCURE Childhood Cancer is pleased to welcome Scott Masterson to the Board of Directors. Scott Masterson is also currently the managing partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP.

Scott shares a few thoughts on why he is involved with CURE:

“I joined the CURE Childhood Cancer Board because I felt a calling towards the organization and its mission on a number of levels.  Having seen first hand the effect that a cancer diagnosis has on children and families, I was compelled to give my time and resources towards reaching a point where physicians have the ability to respond to that initial fear and stress with the comforting words, “but do not worry, there is a cure.”  I also view this as an opportunity to pay forward the blessing of health bestowed on my family.”

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From the Desk of Don Campbell: President, Board of Directors

UnknownThe last two years have represented significant growth in many ways for CURE Childhood Cancer. Under Ken Biggerstaff’s leadership as President of the Board of Directors for the past two years, CURE has achieved many accomplishments. Here is a sampling:

• Achieving 12% growth in fundraising from $1.7 million to $1.95 million, allowing CURE to increase funding of critical research.

• Funding of six specific research projects covering neuroblastoma, leukemia and brain tumors.

• Reaching 75% of newly diagnosed patients and their families in Georgia through our Early Outreach Program.

• Assisting 224 families with emergency financial assistance through our Family Emergency Fund.

• Adding eight new members to the Board of Directors.

• Strengthening our CURE staff to add important expertise to accomplish our mission.

Please join me in saluting the contributions that Ken has made during the past two years and throughout his 11-year relationship with CURE. We look forward to his continuing support and guidance in the fight to cure childhood cancer.

On behalf of all CURE Board members, I would also like to congratulate our Executive Director, Kristin Connor, who serves as our day-to-day leader. Her personal commitment, unending energy and leadership have built the foundation for CURE’s ongoing and future success toward curing childhood cancer. She has earned the respect and admiration of the Board, her team and the greater CURE community. Her contributions are a key reason that CURE has been and will continue to be successful.

Each of you reading our newsletter has a vested interest in finding a cure for a disease that devastates our children and their families. Your trust and confidence in CURE’s mission also cannot go unrecognized. Thank you all for your support – through your donations, your time, and your guidance. And thank you for spreading the word about CURE’s vision and mission.


Our fiscal year ended in June and as noted above, we had an excellent year – especially considering the recessionary economy. Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, though, childhood cancer never abates. CURE’s effort to fund a cure, therefore, cannot abate.

This past spring, the Board of Directors developed and approved a strategic plan to guide CURE over the next three-to-five years. CURE’s strategic plan builds on the key strengths of the organization and sets new goals to take CURE ever closer to our vision and ultimate mission.

We believe strongly that our mission must balance two critical objectives: 1) funding significant and impactful research on one side; and 2) helping patients and their families throughout their journey with childhood cancer on the other.

On the research side, we invest in the stellar childhood cancer research programs at the Aflac Cancer Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University. As noted earlier, we funded six research programs last year and will continue to support like programs in the coming year. Our patient and family support programs will also continue in earnest

You will receive shortly the CURE Annual Report where we will outline last year’s accomplishments and our plans for the coming year. Thank you for investing in CURE.

For the children with cancer,

Don Campbell, President; CURE Childhood Cancer Board of Directors

For more information on CURE, visit us at

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Board of Directors Spotlight: Ginger Kindred


CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to have a diverse and well-connected Board of Directors and we would like our community to get to know them. In this spotlight series we will highlight a board member and share why they are dedicated to CURE.

Ginger Kindred has been on CURE’s board for almost 3 years.  Ginger is married to Greg Kindred, who is on the Advisory Board, and they have two children together. Ginger and Greg recently started a named fund for their son Trenton. Ginger is also the Vice President at Cambridge Professional Group.  Below Ginger shares her journey with Trenton and CURE.

“Our son Trenton was diagnosed March 2005 with Neuroblastoma cancer, and given a 25% chance of survival. CURE was immediately there to help our family with all the love and support you could possibly offer. The day our son was declared No Evidence of Disease and we were able to live His miracle given, and lead a life back to normal, I declared to assist my friends at CURE every step of the way to help find a CURE; and to pull everyone I know together to join us in this fight. When you pull together all the love for one child with cancer and the people that can make a difference, the numbers are shocking. We will support and fight and speak the word of CURE until this world can come to an end of children with cancer. I know we can do it. Every child is worth this fight!”

For more information on CURE’s board members visit us at

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