The Children School Supports The Press On to CURE Childhood Cancer Fund

As written in The Children’s School Newsletter

Character education and community service are a part of daily life at The Children School (TCS).  On May 26, Wilma Pollard and Amanda Thwaits’ first grade class ended their year of service by completing a fundraising project that had an extra special meaning for them.

Their efforts, a walk-a-thon around Piedmont Park’s Lake Clara Meer, raised $3,500 for Press On to CURE Childhood Cancer, a named fund of CURE Childhood Cancer that supports pediatric cancer research.  Press On was started by TCS parents Erin and Stephen Chance.  The students, including an energetic Patrick Chance who was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in June 2006, walked three laps around for a total of three miles each.  In support of their classmate’s cause, the first graders solicited pledges from family members, friends, neighbors, and TCS faculty and staff to raise a remarkable $3,500.

According to the students’ teachers, Wilma and Amanda, “it was very exciting to make this a memorable event for our young ones to cherish and understand how they can make a difference at their level.”  The walk-a-thon was not only a great fundraising opportunity, but also a chance to get some fresh air and exercise and to show the strength of the TCS community.


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  1. Cancer is a serious disease that afflicts people of every age. It is hard to perceive no matter what your age , but for a child , can be really scary . A strong support system can go a long way toward helping the child cope and keep the positive outlook that will help the cure be effective.

    There are many ways to help a child who has cancer. The most important thing to remember is that positive action makes a very big difference. relaying cards or videos of family members who are getting together to show their support will definitely help. Positive posters or pictures to decorate the victim’s bedroom or hospital room will also provide a more cheerful environment.

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