CURE Invites Families to Join in Fundraiser and Awareness Initiative “CURE’s Kids Conquer Childhood Cancer One Day at a Time”

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – but many people (too many people!) have no idea that cancer affects children, much less that a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month exists.  CURE Childhood Cancer is planning a fundraising and awareness initiative to raise awareness of childhood cancer and CURE during the month of September, and we would like to invite our families to participate.

We are very excited to announce the second annual “CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time.”  This initiative is a way for our families to get involved and help raise awareness in our community about the problem of childhood cancer and much needed funds for research. Each day in September, CURE will highlight a very special child in our CURE family who has been affected by cancer.  Some of the children we highlight are currently fighting the battle, some are children who have finished therapy and are living the cure, and others are children who have lost their battles but will be loved and remembered always.

For families who wish to participate, CURE will feature your child and his or her story on our website, blog and Firstgiving fundraising page.

CURE will set up a Firstgiving fundraising page especially for each child where donations can be made in honor of that child on or for their special day in September.  Our goal is to raise $2,000/day each day ($1,000 for each child featured) to help fund research which will lead to better treatments and cures for childhood cancers.

Families who participate will help in spreading the word about their child’s day to their network of friends, family and co-workers and encourage them to support the day by helping to reach or exceed the $1,000 per child goal.

If you would like to participate, please contact Lisa Branch at


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