A Trendy New Way to Support CURE Childhood Cancer

HopeWatch.org is a non-profit organization which strives to make a difference in this world by giving back to the community.

Why watches? When Dyan Smoltz went to Italy on a trip, she noticed the trendy hot new item was this clever waterproof watch that came in many colors and sizes. Everyone was wearing them! So she bought them for her four children, two of whom are teenagers, and all of their friends wanted one. Later, Dyan’s daughter needed to raise money for a mission trip and thought she could sell the watches to raise money to pay for the trip.  Dyan thought this was a great idea. Then one day over coffee, Dyan and several of her friends were brainstorming about giving back to the community. She suggested using the watches to raise money for many worthwhile endeavors, not just one mission trip.

Needless to say, HopeWatch is making a difference one watch at a time. For each watch sold, HopeWatch is giving back to the community, supporting different charities locally, regionally, and globally. Whether you purchase a HopeWatch for yourself, for friends, or for a fundraiser, you’ll be helping people all over the world.

Smoltz shares the organization’s mission, “It’s all about community. Based on a premise that we could start a business to raise money for others, we began. We wanted to use our gifts and talents to do something bigger than ourselves and in doing so, give back to our community.”

HopeWatch has been generous in adding CURE to its list of charities it is supporting! So every time you purchase a watch online, CURE receives a 20% donation.

And even better, you can now pick up a HopeWatch right here in Atlanta!  Golsen Family Dentistry and All Around Gymnastics in Atlanta are selling the watches on behalf of HopeWatch and have both chosen CURE Childhood Cancer to be their charity!  So you can purchase a HopeWatch at either of these businesses or online and CURE will benefit.

Grab a watch for yourself, your friends, your family members or your co-workers and support CURE Childhood Cancer at the same time!

Visit http://hopewatch.org/ to purchase your HopeWatch now!

*Don’t forget to be sure and select CURE from the charities drop down menu when you select your watch size.


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