A Wedding for CURE

After going to multiple weddings and either not remembering or not using most favors, Mara Sullivan and Enrico De Maio decided they wanted to end their wedding festivities and send the guests away in a more meaningful way, one closer to their hearts. As they have always been passionate about charities and helping those less fortunate, they chose to make a charitable donation in lieu of purchasing wedding favors. The decision to donate to CURE Childhood Cancer came easily. Unfortunately, they both personally know or have known people of many ages who have or have had cancer. Mara is child psychologist and Enrico adores children, which further contributed to their decision to support CURE.

The opportunity to have 200 guests celebrating their marriage and at the same time contributing to what could ultimately be a CURE for childhood cancer made the night even more special for them. Instead of wedding favors, each guest received a CURE lapel pin which many proudly wore throughout the reception. CURE was very honored to accept a donation of $1500 from Mara and Enrico De Maio and wishes them much happiness in the future!


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