A Summer for a CURE

CURE challenges kids to use their summer free time to help kids with cancer

CURE Childhood Cancer is pleased to announce a new challenge offering kids a chance to earn 6 free tickets to Six Flags Over Georgia.   Inspired by the selflessness of four remarkable kids, “A Summer for a CURE” offers kids a way to direct their summer free time productively, helping other kids – kids with cancer – who don’t have the luxury of spending their summers playing in the pool or going to the beach.

Last summer, cancer survivor Trenton Kindred (age 6) and his brother, Taylor (age 13), decided to hold snow cone stands in their front yard to raise money for CURE.  Two afternoons of selling snow cones to neighbors resulted in nearly $300 for CURE.  The idea was Taylor’s, as he stopped to consider how thankful he was his brother was cured and how sorry he felt for brothers and sisters of other kids with cancer who he knows from his own experience feel sadness because their sibling is still sick.  Taylor approached his mother with the idea of a snow cone stand, asking if she thought the money they raised would help fund a cure.

The Kindreds are back at it this summer, with their sights set high. They hope to raise $1,000 through their snow cone stands to donate to researching cures.

Nik (age 11) and Riley Thomson (age 9) haven’t personally experienced childhood cancer, but their inspired resolve to make a difference is strong.  On Mothers’ Day, they held a Lemonade stand in their front yard, raising $300 for CURE.  Nik explains their efforts:

“We made a lemonade stand in our neighborhood to try and raise enough money to sponsor a mom for the “A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes” luncheon [$125]. But everybody has been so generous, I think we will be able to sponsor a couple of moms, and we are going to donate the money to CURE. Our grandpa was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and he went through a lot of pain. We could not imagine a child going through the same or worse pain. It is so sad to understand that a child cannot do the same things that we do like playing sports, climbing trees, riding their bike, or just running around. Instead, they have to go to the hospital every day for chemotherapy. The moms of the kids who have cancer must wake up every morning thinking my child might die today. We would not be able to live with that pain. That would be our wish, to cure every child of cancer. In the distant future, our wish may come true.”

Nik, Riley, Taylor and Trenton have shown us with their example that kids of all ages can make a real difference, inspiring countless people with their efforts along the way.  CURE is challenging kids to follow their lead and use their summer free time to help other kids who are not as fortunate.  Through our “A Summer for a CURE” challenge, kids have the opportunity to hold fundraisers like lemonade or snow cone stands or otherwise creatively raise money for CURE.  Kids have until August 10 to submit their donations to CURE along with their story of how they raised the money along with photographs.  The top fundraiser (minimum donation of $500) will receive 6 free tickets to Six Flags Over Georgia.

For complete rules and guidelines, click here.


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