“Why Do You Support CURE?”

“I support CURE because my daughter, Bridget was diagnosed with All, a type of Leukemia a month before she turned 5. After 2 and half years she finished treatment on January 2 of this year. There are thousands of kids like Bridget that are still in treatment or will be diagnosed with childhood cancer this year. We have lost so many of these…”

—Rita Shore


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One response to ““Why Do You Support CURE?”

  1. angel brown

    why do i support a cure because my son fought for 7 yrs with a.l.l. a type of leukemia and he was one of the ones that was not able to fight anymore. he lost his battle at almost 10 yrs old. feb. 25,2008 was the worse day of my life and my family too.
    we have lost many friends to this terrible disease and there needs to be a cure so nobody else has to go through what alot of us have had to go through with losing our kids or close friends!

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