By Meri Long, Director, Patient & Family Services

Where else would I have learned to play a game involving dice, toured the third largest city in the world, and met new friends from all over the country? The answer is none other than the annual convention held by the National Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America. The game was called Bunko, the city was Chicago, and the friends I made were the wonderful women of this organization who, by the way, do so much to help CURE Childhood Cancer. These ladies hold a convention each year to gather, catch up with one another, and see some great sights. Several years ago they convened in Hawaii! They are bonded by their shared love of their grandchildren and their desire to make a difference. Instead of merely socializing, they give back in a way that is so meaningful to them and to us — helping to raise funds to defeat childhood cancer. While they could just meet to have fun and tour spectacular cities, they instead use their group for a much greater purpose.

Their local chapters across the nation raise funds through- out the year in support of pediatric cancer research, in honor of their beloved grandchildren and, for some, even great-grandchildren. It was a wonderful experience to be included in their convention this year in Chicago where they presented CURE with a check for an astounding $25,000! These remarkable ladies and their resounding commitment to CURE is truly admirable, and we are so grateful for their ongoing support!


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