“Why Do You Support CURE Childhood Cancer?”

“My granddaughter just finished two years of treatment for meduloblastoma. She is clear because of the protocols that were created for her case. Her doctors at CHOA (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta) did a remarkable job with her and will be able to use the same treatment on other children with this type tumor. We support CURE because of the work that is being done to raise childhood cancer awareness, help families that are in need of access to the best treatments possible, and for the support of this organization provided to families and patients. Thanks so much! God Bless CURE!”

—Cheri Chandler Robison



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3 responses to ““Why Do You Support CURE Childhood Cancer?”

  1. Dean irwin

    My wee cousin Jordan , was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumour when he was 8 year old and lost his battle when he was just 10… It was 2 years ago on 15th Dec past, heartbreaking but he was a real wee fighter and never once the whole time complained , he got on with I and enjoyed the time he had until the last month or so… A real wee gem and very sorely missed.
    Also very close friend died last Feb on his 28th birthday with bad brain tumour as well.

  2. my grandson is 5 and is trying to make it through neuroblastoma cancer stage 4 he has had 4 sets of chemo and has had his healthy stem cells taken

  3. My daughter, Gina, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was four months old. She underwent eight rounds of chemo and major surgey all before she turned one. She is now two and doing great.
    I see how many kids that are effected by cancer and WE have to do something, THEY NEED US!!! Too many children are getting diagnosed daily and too many are sadly losing their fights.
    Our children are our future.
    That is why I support CURE Childhood Cancer.

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