BOD Spotlight: Ellen Yates

CURE Childhood Cancer is proud to introduce one of our newest additions to the Board of Directors –Ellen Yates.  Ellen is the mother of a long time cancer survivor and has been giving back to the community through her weekly volunteer work at Egleston and in many other ways for nearly 20 years.

Below Ellen shares a few insights into what led her to become further involved with CURE Childhood Cancer.

“As a Mom of a cancer survivor and a current volunteer in the AFLAC Cancer Center at Egleston Campus, I think about the kids I play with and our own son’s health quite often. I hope to spread the word about how we must take steps NOW to CURE this awful disease. We are so fortunate to be associated with a top-notch research and treatment facility, but we, as lay people, must be actively vigilant about spreading the word about how funds are needed.”

Welcome to the CURE team, Ellen!


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