It’s 2010. Give to CURE All Year Long.

As the New Year begins, many of us take the time to reflect on the opportunities of the coming year and to set goals and priorities. What if we all resolved to help children with cancer in 2010?

Unfortunately New Year’s resolutions seem to carry a connotation as a short-term event that burns out after a few inspiring weeks.  We don’t want a focus on helping children with cancer to be a short term, uninspired effort.  What if we all prioritize children with cancer in 2010?  What could we accomplish?  Perhaps we could get a step – or several steps – closer?

We can drive these steps if we are collectively resolved to make a difference for children battling cancer. Even a small commitment, when coupled with the commitments of others, can have a significant, tangible impact.

So instead of giving one donation at the beginning of the year and then moving on, we challenge you make a commitment to give a small amount once every month prioritizing children with cancer in 2010.  Every donation, big or small, makes a difference.  Thanks for supporting CURE!

Here’s how you can give a monthly or quarterly donation to CURE.

Click here and under the Donation Preference, choose “I would like to make this a recurring donation deducted (Monthly or Quarterly).”  Then click on the drop down menu and choose your preference. You may enter the Donation Amount at the top of the page that will automatically be charged to you so there is no hassle to remember to give, nor the burden of having to give a one-time lump sum.

Let’s all make a difference this year, one month at a time.


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