Board of Directors Spotlight: Brian Sorrell

CURE Childhood Cancer is proud to introduce you to one of our newest additions to the Board of Directors –Brian Sorrell.  Brian works for Asbury Automotive Group, Inc., and we are so excited to have him on our team.

Below Brian shares a few insights into what led him to become further involved with CURE Childhood Cancer.

“The Sorrell family was introduced to childhood cancer when our 3-year old daughter, Kristen was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in March of 2007. What at first was devastating quickly became triumphant. Kristen and her team of doctors and nurses handled her 2 plus years of treatment with such grace and faithfulness. She walked away from her last chemotherapy pill June 28th, 2009 and has not looked back. She is doing beautifully in her first grade class and continues to remind us all of the great work CURE does. To give back is only part of our passion for joining the CURE board, the other and more important passion is that while Kristen did so great and is cured, sadly many others are not. On our first day in the hospital with Kristen that March almost 3 years ago, there were 13 beds full of children battling some form of cancer and within 1 year, we had lost 6 of them. We must and will pay it forward until there is a time, with CURE’s help, that “6” becomes zero, so we are truly honored and excited to have this opportunity.”


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