CURE Honors Ronnie Gordon

You hear stories of childhood cancer – always focusing on the cancer. But what about after the battle is over – once it’s been won so to speak? At times, the battle to return to a normal life can be just as daunting as battle with the disease itself. It requires continued courage and strength to get back to your life when cancer is all you’ve known for so long.

Ronnie Gordon has been off therapy since 1993. Since then, he has accomplished many of his dreams that he at one point did not think would be possible. He graduated from Buford High School in 2005. Then went to Jacksonville State University where he was a Marching Southerner for two years. He is also a member of Alliance Drum and Bugle Corp, who took the title of DCA World Champions in 2008.

Ronnie loves to spend his time helping others. He has been a very active part of Camp Sunshine since 1994. Since 2006 he has put together a parade with his fellow musicians for the kids at Camp Sunshine. Even after such hard times at one point in his life, Ronnie is still focused on others.

Ronnie is currently a satellite technician for Mastec Advanced Technologies. He is also active in a community theatre group by the name of Fifth Row Center. In addition to being a satellite technician, Ronnie is also a videographer and has many of his creations on You Tube.

CURE Childhood Cancer celebrates Ronnie and his recovery.


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