2009 NOJOE Foundation CIRCUS supports CURE

The 2nd Annual NOJOE Foundation Charity Circus was held in Dallas, GA on November 21, 2009 and was a tremendous success.  Over $1,000 was raised to support CURE Childhood Cancer.

Performers came from all across the southeastern U.S. and donated their time and talents for the show.  “We are truly overwhelmed that the community and performers have supported this show so amazingly. We sold out the show,” said Joey Thurmond owner of NOJOE’S Clown Circus.

The show featured Joe M. Turner magician, guest Ringmaster, The Georgia BubbleMan Robin Booth, The Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Team, and a cast of clowns including RJ, Lovey, Lucky, Poke-A-Dot Patti, & Lew-E.  Miss Jamie performed an act from the Polynesian Islands called Poi.  Toot the daredevil clown performed wire walking, and juggling.  The star of the show, NOJOE, performed great new routines and his amazing balancing act that included bicycles, and a 12” step ladder.

The show ended with a finale of confetti showers over the audience. After the show the children were invited to take pictures and get autographs with their favorite stars of the show.

On Friday December 4th a check was presented to CURE Childhood Cancer. Plans are already underway for next year’s NOJOE Foundation Circus.

CURE would like to thank Joey Thurmond, President of NOJOE’S CLOWN CIRCUS, for his continued support of CURE!


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