As CURE launches our 2009-2010 Annual Giving Campaign, we are starkly reminded that this campaign is about more than just fundraising. It is truly and urgently about saving lives.  We prepared our Annual Giving Campaign Brochure, outlining how funds raised will be utilized, months ago and included a story we knew would inspire all who read it. The story is about Jack, a courageous young warrior who battled neuroblastoma in 2004 but, at the time written, was joyously living the cure.  Just weeks ago – and months after the Annual Giving Campaign Brochure was printed – Jack’s cancer returned.  Jack’s shocking relapse, five years after finishing treatment, serves as a stark reminder to all of us that we cannot relent on the urgent pursuit of a cure.

The Annual Campaign is the cornerstone of CURE’s fundraising efforts. Running through June 30, 2010, proceeds from this campaign will be put to immediate use wherever they are needed most.  The campaign is CURE’s vehicle to raise vital funds to do the important work we do to accomplish our mission.

“Each day, more than 46 children are diagnosed with cancer, and even more children like Jack experience recurrences.  CURE is committed to helping families through the difficult journey with childhood cancer and advancing the effort to cure this disease,” remarks Executive Director Kristin Connor.  “The Annual Giving Campaign is critical to our ability to fully pursue both vital research projects as well as provide important support for families.  No level of support is too small. We appreciate each and every dollar, each and every donation.”

Your support of the Annual Giving Campaign is essential to give Jack and the thousands of children like him hope as they continue to fight for their young lives.  Please, donate now.


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  1. Dearest Kristin and CURE,

    I’m always shocked to open this page and see my sweet Jack’s eyes in the CURE homepage. However, this time, I realized the deep sadness I feel that Jack’s story was written with full gratitude for his cure of disease. Unfortunately, we are again in the position of being told “we can give you some really good months”, because there isn’t yet a curative therapy for relapsed neuroblastoma.

    However, if given the opportunity again, I would write Jack’s story for CURE a million more times if it means a sweet Jack will someday be free from cancer. Thank you CURE for all the ways you have touched our lives and are helping to heal the world of cancer…

    All my gratitude,
    Camp Jack

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