Mustaches for Kids: A Fun Way to Help Support CURE

normal_button_2Mustaches for Kids is an annual Mustache-growing fundraiser that is held in cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Each year, participants (”Growers”) raise money by growing Mustaches between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They shave their faces, except for the Mustache, a minimum of one time per week. The Growers solicit donations from friends, family, co-workers, and people in the community.

At the end of the Growing Season, Mustaches for Kids hosts a party, called The Stache Bash, where the facial hair is evaluated by an independent panel of judges, and one Mustache is declared to be the “Sweetest.” Other Growers are recognized for raising the most money and for having the worst mustache. Over the past eight years, Mustaches for Kids has spread across the world, a steady expansion that is not unlike the measured, deliberate growth of a Mustache.

Mustaches for Kids has enjoyed the efforts of an impressive number of Growers normal_card_frontwho, collectively, have raised over $150,000 for children’s charities. The Atlanta chapter of Mustaches for Kids has chosen to raise money for CURE Childhood Cancer.

Want to get involved?  For more information on Mustaches for Kids and for a calendar of events, visit


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