CURE Honors Allison Guy

Today CURE Childhood Cancer honors Allison Guy, the daughter of Diona Guy. We wanted to share this sweet little angel’s story with you.  If you want to share your story on how childhood cancer has personally affected you, please email us

Allison’s story, written in her mother’s words:

IMG_2360Allison is the youngest of our 3 daughters and was diagnosed on Feb. 4, 2009 with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). Her symptoms began the end of 2008 and consisted of knee pain, fatigue and crankiness. She wasn’t interested in playing or interacting with others anymore and she just wanted to be held most of the time. In January 2009, she became sick with a respiratory infection that she just couldn’t seem to fight. We were in and out of the pediatrician’s office for about 3 weeks. On January 30th, her fever spiked to 103 so we were back to the doctor again the following day and finally had blood work done. The labs proved something was wrong but they couldn’t tell me exactly. On February 4th, we received the news of her diagnosis. This is the day that the whole world changed for my family and I. It is a day that I will never, ever forget.

What a journey we have been on. Up to this point Allison has endured 1 surgery, 4 bone marrow aspirations, 12 spinal taps, 7 ER visits, 6 hospitalizations, 25 weeks of intense chemotherapy, 2 platelet transfusions and 8 blood transfusions. We have finally entered the maintenance phase and are very happy to be here. No child should ever have to go through what we witnessed Allison go through during the last 7 months. As a parent, a cancer diagnosis can be the worst words we ever have to hear about our children. It is a tough road but I am so thankful for how Allison and our other daughters have handled everything.

IMG_2364Allison is my hero as are all children fighting cancer. She has handled it all with grace, dignity and patience, qualities that have taught me so much about life. She is a wonderful little girl and I look forward to a beautiful, healthy life that we will continue to share together. I am honored to be her mother!

Diona Guy


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