Kendrie’s 10 for 10

Unknown-1Kristie Escoe’s family was a CURE Childhood Cancer beneficiary when her daughter was first diagnosed with cancer. Her daughter Kendrie was diagnosed with ALL when she was four years old.  She was treated at Scottish Rite, and finished treatment almost four years ago.  Last week she turned ten years old and Kristie asked people to donate $10 for ten, in honor of Kendrie, and in support of CURE Childhood Cancer.  Below is Kendrie’s story, written in her mother’s words.

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a fair princess with her family.  She was pretty stinking cute. A few weeks after this photo was taken, the princess woke up one morning, and she had cancer. What followed for this young girl and her family was two plus years of chemotherapy treatments.

Here is a brief summarization of a few of the numbers of her treatment

-Number of ambulance rides Kendrie has taken: Two.

-Number of days she has been inpatient during treatment: Twenty-five.

-Number of times she has been stuck in the chest, arm, or leg, for flu shots, peg shots, arac shots, blood draws, or chemo: 115.

-Number of blood transfusions she has received during treatment: Eight

-Her preventative antibiotic, Bactrim, she takes in a liquid form. How much has   she taken over the past twenty-six months? Three and a half gallons.

Unknown-2Why am I telling you this? Because the beautiful princess we talked about in the beginning of this story, turned 10 yesterday.  Thanks to advances in pediatric cancer treatment, and some luck, she wasn’t one in five who lose their battle to cancer.”



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