Connor’s Letter

Below is a sweet letter CURE Childhood Cancer received from a boy attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Ridgeland, MS. It was so touching and innocent that we wanted to share it with you.

Dear CURE Childhood Cancer,

One of my friends at my school has a little cousin named Lilly, who is a nice,young girl who likes to go over to my friend’s house to play. One day, when I was eight, I was over at his house when she came over and I noticed she had pretty short hair. Later that day, my friend told me that she had cancer when she was younger. I was somewhat surprised to hear this because she seemed to be really happy and playful. It was hard for me to picture her in a hospital bed with cancer. She shows people that no matter what a person’s age or size is, they can still fight and beat cancer. I’m a thirteen-year-old boy now, and I really want my generation to find the cure for cancer. I think this organization is helpful and important because it can inspire people to fight cancer and donate to help find a cure. I would like to support this charity because it helps children with cancer get through everyday, and that would make me feel pretty good if a person outside of my family cared about my life. There’s no question that if someone found a cure to cancer, thousands of lives would be saved each day.


Connor Woodall


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