The Monster Of A Disease That Children Face

Untitled1Cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the U.S. It’s the second overall killer behind accidents. Approximately 12,700 new cases of pediatric cancer were diagnosed in children 0-20 years of age in 2008. The peak of childhood cancer incidence ravages infants to 5-year-olds, barely starting their lives. Unfortunately, cancer among children is not one disease type. there are 25 different types to research and treat. Each type has its own set of challenges.

The constant obstacles to improving survival rates are time and money. For children with cancer, time is never on their side. Money for research is as precious as blood. Less than 2% of federal funding for cancer research is directed toward solving cancers that afflict children. This inequitable situation challenges not only the affected children and their families, but the humanity in all of us. A monster is one thing. An unfair fight is another.

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4 responses to “The Monster Of A Disease That Children Face

  1. Robert Longo

    That’s incredible. over 12,000 in 2008 alone. I never knew September was “Chailhood Cancer Awareness Month” until I signed onto Facebook & I am 35 yr Cancer Survivor. Seems all I ever hear about is Breast Cancer. That seems to get much more publicity & awareness than any other type of Cancer. Why is that?

    • jon

      Robert… unfortunately, as you have noticed, pediatric cancer doesn’t get a lot of attention. The major problem is that childhood cancer drugs and treatments are not moneymakers for the drug companies, so they invest their assets and R&D into numerically larger cancers such as breast, colon, and prostate. I despise all cancers and look forward to the day when the adult cancers have a 100% cure rate; however, should young lives be put through such misery and their days cut short, merely because they are a child with cancer and childhood cancer is not good for the bottom line of corporate drug companies? Let this not continue!!!

      Celebrating your survival and may your voice be heard concerning the importance of making pediatric cancer research and treatment a national health priority.

      • Don'l McEwen

        My babygirl was diagnosed with High-Grade Glioblastoma when she was 3 months old. Before she was diagnosed I had no idea what childhood cancers were. The things my baby has had to over come and still has to bear through is heart breaking. She should be outside running, playing and enjoying her little life. Instead she has to overcome the stroke she had during surgery, after she just got through with 17 months of intense chemo theraphy. Life for her is a constant struggle of learning and bearing through all that she has to have done to her… Im very thankful that you folks send out info for everyone. Our babies deserve a fighting chance in this world too. Education is the first place to start. The more we know the better it may be for our babies!

      • Jon

        Don’l… Sorry your precious daughter is going through this incredible battle. Please know that many prayers are with you and there’s an army building to make sure children with cancer have all the resources necessary to defeat this disease.

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