Snow Cones for CURE: The Rest of the Story

About a month ago, two of CURE Childhood Cancer’s children, Trenton and Taylor Kindred sat outside in the heat all day, selling Sno Cones to raise money for CURE.  The boys ended up raising $258.00 that day for CURE.  You’ve read the first part of the story, but here’s the rest of the story that we wanted to share with you.

After their Sno Cone day, the boys mailed hand-written thank you notes to the donors.  Austin, a boy from down the street, had donated to the boys.  Because Austin was now in college, the boys needed his new address to send him a thank you.  Trenton and Taylor’s mother, Ginger Kindred, decided to write Austin’s mother asking for Austin’s address. Austin had worked all that summer before going off to school.  He saw the boys out selling SnoCones for CURE and was so moved, he went back home and got an envelope and presented it to the boys and drove off before they opened it.  It was $100, out of the $258 they raised that day, and the boys, hot and sweaty and receiving $5 here in there, were thrilled and their eyes lit up when they opened it.  They were in awe, especially because it was a boy going off to college that they admired. 

Here is what Austin’s mother had to say about her son’s donation:

I must say when I read your email I thought, Ginger has my Austin confused with someone else.  I had not even known that he had gone to the Sno Cone stand.  So before responding to you, letting you know you were mistaken, I went upstairs to his room and asked him and he said yes, mom, I gave them that money.  He had worked this summer at the Moore’s Mill YMCA as a camp counselor and knew that he should give 10% of his earnings to the church.  He decided he thought God would be happy for him to give to these little boys.  I am so proud of my big guy right now.  Thank you for sharing that info with me.  

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