How to Automatically Feed the CURE Blog onto your Facebook Profile

Here is another great way to help spread the word about CURE Childhood Cancer: Feed the CURE blog onto your Facebook Profile.  This is a great way to raise awareness by sharing stories with your own network. You will be surprised by the number of people who want to help support CURE!

Just follow these easy steps to feed the CURE blog onto your Facebook Profile:

1.) Log in to Facebook

2.) In the bottom left corner of your screen, find the “Applications” button on the menu bar > click “Notes”

3.) Find the “Notes Settings” grey box to the right and click Import a Blog.

4.) Enter the following URL as the blog to feed into your account:

5.) Click the Import button. A sample of the blog feed will appear, scroll to the very bottom and click the button to confirm import.

Now each time a new blog post is posted to CURE’s blog you & your network will see a link to the story and keep CURE and your fundraising efforts top-of-mind!

For more ideas on how to spread the word about CURE, visit us at


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