Board of Directors Spotlight: Ginger Kindred


CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to have a diverse and well-connected Board of Directors and we would like our community to get to know them. In this spotlight series we will highlight a board member and share why they are dedicated to CURE.

Ginger Kindred has been on CURE’s board for almost 3 years.  Ginger is married to Greg Kindred, who is on the Advisory Board, and they have two children together. Ginger and Greg recently started a named fund for their son Trenton. Ginger is also the Vice President at Cambridge Professional Group.  Below Ginger shares her journey with Trenton and CURE.

“Our son Trenton was diagnosed March 2005 with Neuroblastoma cancer, and given a 25% chance of survival. CURE was immediately there to help our family with all the love and support you could possibly offer. The day our son was declared No Evidence of Disease and we were able to live His miracle given, and lead a life back to normal, I declared to assist my friends at CURE every step of the way to help find a CURE; and to pull everyone I know together to join us in this fight. When you pull together all the love for one child with cancer and the people that can make a difference, the numbers are shocking. We will support and fight and speak the word of CURE until this world can come to an end of children with cancer. I know we can do it. Every child is worth this fight!”

For more information on CURE’s board members visit us at


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