What exactly does CURE Childhood Cancer fund?

CURE Childhood Cancer’s vision is to find a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime.  We at CURE believe this is fully attainable and in efforts to get their we focus on three areas: research into childhood cancer, the most critical and urgent needs of patients and their families and eduction to support the future caregivers and researches who work tirelessly to find a cure and be their for our families.  

What exactly does CURE fund?

  • Research into the development of “targeted therapies” – that focus only cancer cells and do not harm surrounding healthy cells. Targeted therapies are critical to ensuring that patients are spared the devastating and often life-threatening “late effects” caused by current conventional therapies
  • Basic and clinical research
  • Training of future pediatric oncologists and researchers through the fellowship program at Emory University School of Medicine
  • Emergency financial assistance for families stricken by childhood cancer
  • Professional development and continuing education efforts for nurses, family support team members, and others caring for children with cancer
  • Innovative programs that address the critical and urgent needs of patients and their families, such as meals to inpatient families, outreach at the time of diagnosis, and bereavement support 

For more information on CURE Childhood Cancer and our funding visit us at www.curechildhoodcancer.org


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