Make a Birthday Wish for CURE.

Are you on Facebook? Do you have a birthday coming up?

We are excited to share this perfect new opportunity for celebrating your birthday and celebrating the fact that you’re raising money to help fund research to find a CURE for Childhood Cancer. Facebook has recently launched a new “Birthday Wish” feature which allows you the opportunity to have friends & family donate to CURE Childhood Cancer to help celebrate your birthday!

Read below for full details on the new feature and how you can help!

The Feature: Birthday Wish
Birthday Wish allows all 200 million people on Facebook to use their birthdays to raise money for their favorite causes. Supporters select CURE Childhood Cancer and then ask your friends to donate, instead of getting yet another coffee gift card you don’t need.

On average, an active Birthday Wish raises over $100, a number that has been quickly increasing each week. That means that if we can get just 150 of our Facebook friends and supporters to make a June Birthday Wish, we could raise more than $15,000 this month!

Create a Birthday Wish Campaign
Anyone on Facebook can set up a Birthday Wish Campaign to support CURE Childhood Cancer! And remember, if you are not already a fan of CURE Childhood Cancer, click here to become one today!

Simply click here to set up your very own Birthday Wish on Facebook.

Donate to CURE Childhood Cancer Today!


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