CURE Childhood Cancer Board of Directors Spotlight: Don Campbell

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to have a diverse and well-connected Board of Directors and we would like our community to get to know them.  In this spotlight series we will highlight a board member and share why they are dedicated to CURE.

Don Campbell is one of the current CURE Board of Directors Vice Presidents. Don has served on the CURE Board for  2 years and is a dedicated steward for CURE’s vision of finding a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime.  Don is the President and CEO of Virtual Management Technologies.  He lives in Alpharetta and is married with one daughter.  


“I learned of CURE through a close family friend whose granddaughter lost her valiant battle with cancer just short of her second birthday.  Watching this heartfelt journey from a distance was simply not adequate.  Beyond prayers, I believed I needed to step aboard the CURE train.  CURE not only has a destination, it has contributed to meeting the challenge of finding a cure for childhood cancer head on.  While cancer has not impacted my immediate family, several friends and neighbors have born the pain, frustrations and uncertainty in their own family.  My commitment to CURE Childhood Cancer is driven by the impact this organization has had on meeting the research and family support challenges surrounding this disease.  My objective is to be part of a group that will make a difference in funding a cure for childhood cancer.”


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