CURE Childhood Cancer Board of Directors Spotlight: Lauren Gearon

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to have a diverse and well-connected Board of Directors and we would like our community to get to know them.  In this spotlight series we will highlight a board member and share why they are dedicated to CURE.

Lauren Gearon is one of the current CURE Board of Directors Vice Presidents.  Lauren has served on the CURE Board for over 11 years and is truly dedicated to our vision of finding a cure for childhood cancer.  Lauren is survivor of childhood cancer and is a dedicated wife and mother of 3.


“As a survivor of aplastic anemia, I was treated as a pre-teen by Dr. Ragab, the founder of CURE. My parents have always actively supported CURE, and I was honored to become part of the board in 1997. Every child diagnosed with cancer deserves a chance to live a full, rich life complete with all the joys it has to offer and this is not the case today.  There are still too many children who die from cancer and there are many others who survive, but have long term complications due to the treatments.  Not only do we need to find a cure for cancer, we need to find treatments that will cure these children in ways that are toxic only to the cancer cells, not to the children.”


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