CURE Childhood Cancer welcomes new Board Member Elesha Bateman

CURE Childhood Cancer is pleased to welcome Elesha Bateman to the Board of Directors.  Elesha has been a valuable member of the “A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes” Committee and currently works for Bruel & Kjaer as a Project Manager.


Elesha shares a few thoughts on why she is involved with CURE:

“When a friend’s son was diagnosed with leukemia, I was desperate to do something to help.  Prayers and the occasional meal seemed far too inadequate for their long journey.  My search led me to become a volunteer for CURE.  The more I learned through CURE and the more families I met struggling with this horrible disease, the more dedicated I became to the cause.  Today I am an unapologetic advocate for less toxic treatments that are actually developed for children- treatments that will hopefully result in fewer long-term side effects as more children are cured and move into adulthood.  While offering that hope, I love that CURE also supports these families with programs that address their needs during treatment, after treatment or after the death of their precious child.  I truly believe that with the dedication and determination that CURE continually demonstrates, we will see a cure for some types of childhood cancer in my lifetime.  I am wholly committed to doing whatever it takes and I am so honored to serve on the CURE Board of Directors.”


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