Lea in the Morning Supports CURE Childhood Cancer

WQZY 95.9 Today’s Hottest Country radio host “Lea in the Morning” is a wonderful supporter for CURE Childhood Cancer. We would like to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for running CURE’s PSA radio campaign featuring Jeff Foxworthy across 5 of the network’s stations to help generate awareness for CURE Childhood Cancer and our mission to find a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime.

We wanted to share below a few thoughts from Lea on her support of CURE:

I just believe there has to be a way to make more people aware of what’s happening around you. I met Summer Curry and Hannah Layfield during the same CMN Radiothon broadcast. For some reason they stuck with me. Probably because they were from my listening area. I immediatly fell in love with the both of them.. Hannah and her floppy hats and Summer with such a huge hunger for life!! She knew way to much about cancer to be such a sweet baby.. Hannah had ALL  and Summer AML.. That’s how I learned about childhood cancer.. I watched and listened to the stories of these amazing families and all I can think is, HOW CAN WE STOP IT? There has to be a way.. More research!! More answers!! More AWARENESS!!

That’s where my caringbridge.org and carepages.com updates came in. All I have is a voice to help in this fight.. And that’s what I intend to do. SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR… for thousands to hear everyday.. So that every single listener is AWARE!! Of everything these families are going through.. Good and bad.. Not all of the updates are about cancer children and that’s because there are so many other sick kids out there.. I’ll update on any child that’s story crosses my path.. Sophia Langford is the latest. She does have cancer – http://www.carepages.com/carepages/sophiasjourney/patient

There has to be a way to stop this. CURE has shown me how far they will go for Summer’s family. I attended the event in Atlanta with Patrice Curry and was blown away at how much she felt connected with the families around her.. Everybody around her understood exactly what she has gone through. She walked away with some answers to some questions she just felt like nobody understood. Thank you for allowing me that.. The chance to meet those parents and ‘understand’ a little better so I can help the listeners ‘understand’ how important a CURE is!!

Thanks again to Lea for her continued support. You click here to listen to the Jeff Foxworthy PSA campaign.


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