CURE Childhood Cancer welcomes new Board Member

CURE Childhood Cancer is pleased to welcome Leslie Zacks to our Board of Directors.  Leslie works for Sciele Pharma, Inc. and is the General Counsel for the company.


“Children should play.  They should not be forced to lie in bed worrying about white blood cell counts, tumor sizes or whether they will see their next birthday.  CURE understands the personal and emotional impact cancer has on children and their families.  CURE understands that tackling this disease requires significant resources.  CURE understands…that is why it invests in the training and education of pediatric oncologists and in much needed clinical research.  There are a lot of non-profits out there, but only one that focuses on pediatric cancer clinical research and understands what it will take to discover the ultimate solution.  My heart breaks with each diagnosis and I am committed to ensuring that my time, money, sweat and energy will make a difference in this important fight.”


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