Hope for the Holidays

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” Author unknown

Hope is sometimes defined as the belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen. Vaclav Havel describes hope as “an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart.”  At the holidays more than any other time of year, many of us are filled with this heartfelt sense of hope.   We find a renewed sense of hope for peace, hope for humanity, hope in new beginnings.

For many families who travel the road of childhood cancer, the holidays evoke a mix of emotions- perhaps a search for joy, a search for hope…a search for some sense of peace.  Not just for the holidays, but for every day, CURE works to give hope to all children with cancer, their families and all who care for them.  For the families we serve, hope is a driving force:

lisa-anna“CURE offers our family hope in so many ways.  Most importantly, because of CURE’s emphasis on research, we truly believe that there will soon be a day when no other family will ever know the agony of watching one of their children suffer through a battle with cancer.  And when that day arrives, families will never have to experience that gut-wrenching heartache that comes with hearing that there is no further treatment for their child, or another child they’ve grown to love through this fight.  CURE is there for families from the day of diagnosis, offering resources, support, care, and most of all – hope.  Upon hearing those devastating words, “Your child has cancer”, there is no more precious gift than hope.  CURE’s devotion to pediatric cancer families, and its commitment to research, is something we cherish beyond words.”
~Lisa, Larry and Anna Hanger

img_7183“I have realized in these past 17 month since Sean’s diagnosis and our family’s immersion into childhood cancer that without hope we would be nowhere. Our faith tells us to not worry, to give it over, and it is so much easier to do so when we know an organization like CURE is working every day for our children. We have been recipients of CURE’s various family programs and have been involved in many fundraising events, and it is during these times that we find hope. Hope enables Sean to play lacrosse and basketball. Hope enables John and I to get up in the morning and continue our day. Hope gives us a tomorrow.”
~Mary Beth Dever

4035-114We go through the years with Hope in our hearts when we talk to people about CURE Childhood Cancer, not just at the Holidays but January 1st thru December 31st, year after year.  Without the hope that CURE gives us for a cure for children with cancer, our hearts would be missing a piece…the piece that gives us resolve to work harder each day for the funding that will lead to a cure.  When we look at all the other children with cancer we have come to know and love, we want to tell them, “You will live to see tomorrow and grow up to become the big girl or boy that you want to be and have the chance to achieve all the goals and dreams you have in front of you.”  I want to tell them that our doctors and scientists are working so hard every day on therapies that will lead to a cure.  CURE’s funding is the reason these therapies can be and are being tested.  THAT GIVES US HOPE not only through the holidays, but every day!”
~Ginger Kindred

At CURE, we are focused all year long on giving hope to children with cancer and their families.  These children and their individual journeys drive everything we do, from striving to increase our funding of research to guarantee children with cancer the very best outcomes possible to constantly assessing and refining our support programs to ensure we are doing everything we can to help the children who need us.  We are thankful for the hope that burns brightly within us – at the holidays and throughout the year, and we wish you and your families a joyous and hope filled holiday.


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  1. i have a very dear friend who is part of curesearch. her name is donna culliver. her family has also started a ministry named after their son adam, called adam’s angels. i am not sure why i started surfing blogs about childhood cancer, but i am thankful i did. you and the cullivers are so inspiring. i will be praying for you and cure. i feel so thankful to know that their are others out there who are fighting against this disease. god bless, mickey johnson

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