A Successful Lauren’s Run!

This will be a short entry, but quite relevant to the cause at hand!  This past weekend, the dedicated staff at CURE and related families and supporters hosted a wonderful morning of exercise, fun, food and friends.

In a previous post titled “Imagine a World Without Childhood Cancer”, we referred to the impact childhood cancer can have on communities, and the necessary and important role community plays in healing families from this type of storm.  Lauren’s Run provided such a beautiful picture of this unity, hosting communities of friends, colleagues, neighbors, and classmates supporting both survivors and lives lost.

The day also provided a precious reminder of the joy and light that children bring into our lives.  In this case, their light shown through a fundraising run / walk / picnic with Frisbees, balls, climbing walls, and slides — all the things kids would enjoy.  This magical quality that children possess, though, is not restricted to the fun circumstances we experienced this weekend.

Indeed the joy, laughter, determination, and caring hearts of children carry them and their families and their communities down some of the most difficult paths life presents.  In a pediatric cancer center, IV poles become skateboards; hallways become bowling alleys; hospital doors become canvases for the rooms’ inhabitants; nurses become best friends.

How precious our children are…making the sunny days brighter and hiding the nights with their smiles…Thanks for visiting our BLOG, come back often.

Alan Thomson
Father of Hayley Thomson, Feb 2003 – Dec 2004
CURE Board of Directors


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