A Note About Moms

With Mother’s Day passing, an entry on the most important people in our lives seems to be appropriate and belated! Many of us who are married have been blessed enough to find our perfect spouse, our soul mate, our sincerely better half.  And many of us experience the pleasure of watching these women be loving, caring, mothers to our children.

Not too many, though, are able to see the depths of a mother’s love for her children as I have seen through my wife and other mom’s of children with cancer.  The inner strength and endurance that our “Quiet Heroes” summon indeed inspires awe.  I always knew Dayna to be the mom I had dreamed of for my children; but without our experience of losing our daughter to cancer, I never would have known the half of how deep her love and compassion and strength and faithfulness runs. Certainly, there are days that challenge every mom and family; however quite remarkably, it is this dormant beauty of a Mom’s love for her children and family shining through the dark days that reveals the complete miracle that we call Mom  – or mommy or MaMa as the case may be.

I am sure I am not alone in that I often don’t tell my bride how our experience has made me fall in love with her all over again; maybe she will read this Blog….Watching children battle this disease is horrible; and needless to say, if we never had to watch another child fight this battle, no argument here.

But we do learn so much about ourselves in the face of tribulation.  Quite simply and to the point, your novice blogger learned how much more special his wife is than he ever could have imagined.


Alan Thomson
Father of Hayley Thomson, Feb 2003 – Dec 2004
CURE Board Member


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