Touching Our Lives – Funding the Cure

“Lots of people have said it’s touched their lives, that maybe it’s made them spend more time with their child. We’re just amazed by it.”

The ‘it’ in the above quote is childhood cancer.  The quote is from a mother who, while gently rocking her recently diagnosed daughter on her lap, is expressing amazement at the outpouring of prayers, concern and generosity from family, friends and community.

The nightmare that would become their lives led to a long and treacherous road back to health, one fraught with uncertainty, contradiction, and perpetual anxiety.

“This experience has given me (us) a whole new light on life,” the mother said.  “I don’t think anyone truly realizes how many sick and terminally ill children there are in this world….My mind is going a million miles a minute trying to think of ways to return the kindness that has been shown to us and if there is any small way in which I can help out other children and families in need.”

CURE Childhood Cancer has a single goal in front us: to fund the cure for childhood cancer.  Since childhood cancer is curable in our lifetimes, there’s no time to spare.

Funding the cure means providing research dollars properly invested to:
•    Fund the work of a group of talented scientists at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University
•    Fund the development of effective treatments and therapies
•    Fund the development of effective drugs to treat childhood cancer

On our journey to fund the cure for childhood cancer, CURE is dedicated to:
•    Helping families cope with and navigate the journey
•    Helping caregivers deliver optimum care
•    Helping train the clinicians and researchers of tomorrow
•    Helping donors understand the importance, relevance and impact of their contributions

There are many ways you can and your friends can help. Your investment in funding the cure through donations of money, time, knowledge and experience is essential to CURE’s success. Let’s change the nightmare that impacts so many children and their families.

Childhood cancer is curable in your lifetime.

Don Campbell
President/CEO, Virtual Management Technologies
CURE Childhood Cancer Board Member


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